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Ori.gin will flavour your world!

Our Relish works exceptionally with a braai. Use it as a condiment or marinade

Our flavourings is a sugar- and sweetener-free and contain ZERO calories.
Originally developed to flavour gin and tonic, we soon realised that it goes exceptionally well with anything you’d want to add flavour to.
We tried it in other cocktails that use vodka or cane, etc.

After that succeeded, we branched out even further and added it to ice cream, jams, glazes and cheesecakes.

Try our new Relish!

Some of our Recipes

Berry Cheesecake (no-bake)

A quick and easy no-bake cheesecake. Make any flavour of your choice with our range of Origin Flavours!


Fresh Barracuda with Relish

Here is a recipe we did with our Relish and fresh Barracuda.

You can pan-fry it or as we did, on the fire!


Origin Passion Fruit Glaze

A delicious sparkling, sweet and tangy Passionfruit glaze for a cheesecake.


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