Like with all great inventions, necessity created an opportunity and we used that opportunity to create something exceptional.

With the gin boom going strong in South Africa, flavoured tonic waters that add a little extra zing to your favourite gin became the next best thing. However, their prices and sugar content became a bit of a hurdle.

As the market grew for craft tonic waters, the price escalated with the demand and, even though the selection of flavoured tonic waters continues to grow, the sugar-free market is not very well represented. Most tonic water contains 8 – 10g of sugar per 100ml, which is the same as a normal soft drink! So, with a G&T loving, diabetic friend in mind, Origin Flavour was created for the health-conscious.

Taking the sugar content and the price into account, we started playing around with ideas to bridge the gap, to create something that added that extra flavour but without the sugar and definitely without the significant price tag.

Our flavourings contain NO sugar, NO artificial sweeteners and NO calories! Guilt-free enjoyment!

(And our shimmery bright colours will easily steal the attention from Aunty Tania’s famous pasta salad!)

Shimmer drinks flavour bottle glitter
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